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The Complete Australian Sleep Co Sleep kit

The Complete Deep Sleep kit (full size products)

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The Australian Sleep Co The Complete Sleep Kit

The Ultimate Sleep Starter Kit features a full size of all three products from our signature Fast Asleep® range and each gives you around six months’ supply, with nightly use. Contains a SUPER BLEND of Essential oils and plant compounds.

Using all 3 will not cause you to be drowzy in the morning, in fact it is the perfect way to "shock" your body back into a better sleeping routine so you feel fantastic when you wake up.

  • Features a full size of all 3 signature natural remedies: Ultimate Sleep Blend, Pillow Spray for Deep Sleep and Night Oil For Pulse Points.  
  • Contains a super blend of Calming essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Mandarin and plant compounds linalool and limonene to relax your body and quieten the mind.
  • Safely use all 3 to increase your ability fall asleep faster and sleep deeper naturally.
  • Gives you a full 6 months’ supply to reset a good sleep pattern with nightly use. 
  • Perfect drug-free anxiety-reducing alternative to create a calming environment in your home before bed and to induce a deeper sleep. 
  • Gives you options to alternate how you use your Australian Sleep Co products depending on your mood and needs. 
  • Ideal to use all together during times of high stress such as work pressure, exams, night or split shifts, travels and jet lag, etc. 
  • Enjoy big savings and receive free postage if ordering in Australia. 
  • Each product is 100% synthetic free and features a specific blend of sleep-enhancing essential oils to help calm the mind, promote falling and staying asleep, and enable you to wake fresh and ready to face the day, without the grogginess and drowsiness which may be associated with sedatives and other medications. Our unique blend includes supremely relaxing oils of Chamomile, Mandarin, Patchouli, Bergamot, Sandalwood and Lavender.






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